6" by 6" - Egg Roll Wrappers

  • Skin is made with high gluten ingredients for strong and stretchable skin. Important for reducing skin breakage when wrapping.
  • Light and rich golden color, not a dark overfried look. We use less coloring agents than our competitors.
  • After deep frying, skin will not collapse and maintains its cylindrical shape.
  • Consistent deep fried texture without oversized bubbles.
  • Texture of the outer skin has a crispy, non-oily taste. The interior skin seals in the flavor of any filling.
  • Thickness is consistent and even. Custom thicknesses available.
  • Even distribution of starch between skin layers makes it easy to peel, never sticky.
  • Will not allow oil to saturate the skin.

Uses: 2 Oz Egg Rolls, Wontons

Sizes: Ships in 40 lb case (8/5lb packages)

  • Thin (107 pcs/pkg)
  • Regular (99 pcs/pkg)
  • Thick (92 pcs/pkg)